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With al lthis talk of free to play and the threads been fired up left right and center. why not and this is my idear and more than likey somthing that BW has planned already.

Add a cash shop to buy in game items, such as

Custom mod gear - think like an almost look alike Darth Vader out fit, a luke/han ect ect outfit
Mounts, a mount that scales with your riding skill
pets, lost and lots and lots and lots of pets.
Space ship upgrades, grade 7-8-9 ect ect, or custom skins for your ship.

all this well turn a massive profit, just look at WoW shop that makes them a ton of money and they still have a P2P model.

im not asking for items that will give you a chance to win in game, thats just bad, the custom armour would be liek social gear, gives the players who want a look that they can have if they pay real money for it. this is a no brainer as we all know players will pay for these items.
I'm sorry. I love this game, but the moment a cash shop for anything more than vanity items is implemented, I'm out. Social gear without mod slots, sure. Mounts and non-combat pets, yeah. Armour? No. Weapons? No. Ship upgrades? No.

And the game isn't going free to play. It's going free to play up until level 15, Coruscant. That is all. Same as WoW's done.