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63. In which Nalenne and Pierce test Broonmark’s work while Quinn disapproves

The Biochem pro takes a haul
Of plants for effects great and small.
A flower, a leaf,
A root, and – good grief!
That didn’t look healthy at all.

Morning of a mundane op, as Nalenne had taken to thinking of the assignments that came from Servants One and Two by way of Quinn. Broonmark intercepted Nalenne on her way to the bridge. “New batch of adrenals up,” he blorped.

“Sweet! This the new formula?”

“Yes. Many blibbblg rgoggrblp. Should be good.”

Nalenne might have taken the translator datapad out to get that – most of Broonmark’s biochemical vocabulary was well beyond Nalenne’s Talz knowledge – but sometimes it was more exciting not to know.

The Talz set down a small carrying case on the reading nook’s coffee table. Inside were six syringes filled with a dark blue liquid. “We expect speed-power effects, but we cannot be sure.”

“Well,” said Nalenne, “we can’t go into the field with this untested. Safety first.” She grabbed a syringe and prepped it.

Ghost-Quinn showed up from the direction of the bridge. “My lord, we will be arriving shortly at – what are you doing?”

“Broonmark’s latest work. I’m using it.”

“Has that even been tested?”

Nalenne lined the needle up and injected. “Sure. As of right now.”

Quinn stared at the needle. “My lord, you’re going to kill yourself!”

“And see, this is why I never tell you anything.”

Pierce jogged in. “Hey, heard the new batch was up. You’re not going without me, are you?”

“Never ever.” She gestured toward the case. “Broonmark made enough for all.”

Pierce called in the direction of the mess. “Vette, you in?”

“Answer is still no,” came Vette’s voice. “Answer is always no.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“With each new batch, nobody in existence knows what I'm missing. That’s the scary part.”

“I’d rather you limited yourself to testing it on those two, my lord,” said Quinn.

“Relax.” Nalenne was already feeling a little…pleasant. Hyperaware. Good. She activated her saber and ran through a few practice forms. “Wow, I feel like I could cut my way out of the ship right now.”

Quinn rubbed his temples. “Please don’t.”

“Not to worry, captain. I’ll be nice. I’ll still be following your lead today.”

“Your interpretation of ‘follow’ has always been…loose. And someday you may jab yourself with something that suspends what few inhibitions you do have.”

“Maybe not,” blipped Broonmark.

“I could take her,” said Pierce. “If I had to. If she was a problem.”

“Lieutenant, you would be rampaging right alongside her. With glee.”

“Ha. Right, that’s true.”

“We join rampage,” quorked Broonmark. “Inhibition-smashing only a problem for Sith clan’s dumbest.”

“I’m thinking this’ll be good,” said Nalenne, stretching and enjoying the odd sensation racing along her muscles.

“Even better news: We made second-stage reaction to inject when we reach the field,” buzzed Broonmark.

“What did he say?” said Quinn.

“Nothing you want to hear, captain.”

Vette emerged from the mess. “We better get out there. When they decide to start breaking stuff, I want it to be not-my-stuff.”

Quinn quickly scanned the ship in general. “For once I agree,” he said. “Let’s go.”
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