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06.23.2012 , 09:43 PM | #9
At this point I think it is just handing out speeding tickets at the indy 500. Bioware remains clueless on most activities including how to write, test and compile workable code.

So far the imbalances are glaring proof of incompetency of any sort of game implementation. Most of us that are still here are somewhat forced due to not getting a full refund for time not used. I been asking for the balance remaining since 1.2 released and finally when my time is up it will be a sweet released for this implemented epic phail.

Most people's bets are the fact when this thing becomes free to play and considering most of the failures here I would consider making the game open source. The hackers might have more luck at repairing things then the current paid for game developers that exists here. Considering they could barely write an acceptable ending for Mass Effect 3 how do you think future progress on this game will help?