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For the past couple of weeks I've been going over suggestions and disputes concerning SWTOR's "naming policies" some have brought up the idea of using "alt codes" which I consider as a "cheat" which not only looks silly but it makes you look like an imposter, especially if you plan on using the name Bąstila as a username or skywalkźr as a legacy name. While others have accepted "the first come, first serve" policy that bioware has to offer, but there are those that take alot of pride in both our usernames & legacy names based on the fact those names had meaning behind the story that we had endorsed to those characters and now it's meaningless because our identities have been stripped away.

What is the solution?

-use the combination of Name & Legacy into user account, we can have different users with the name John, and many users with the legacy name Smith, there is just one catch, there can only be one John Smith per server, while other players can go by Joe Smith or John Doe

(It's a fact that MMO's like "Pirates of the Burning Sea" and "Guild Wars" use a similar naming pattern for their players)

What about when it comes to inviting players to social groups for warzones or flashpoints?

-Simple...Just right click on the name being displayed on general, private and/or guild chat for an invitation, and when you do type in the name John the display will offer hints of legacy names that share that name on which john you wish to invite

Ok what about the mailing system? how will that work?

-Whenever you type in a name when your trying to compose a message to a friend or a friendly player, it displays hints on what you are referring to, lets say I'm trying to mail John Smith, the display marker will hint out there are other players named John, such as John Doe, but that's where legacy name comes in handy because there can only be one John Smith, and another player by the name of Joe Smith.

Don't want your legacy name to be revealed?

nicknames would be an interesting feature to add to the legacy system, remember Ben Kenobi went by Obi Wan Kenobi, which could be used to recognize each individual player while one player is named John Smith, with another player going by the name of Jon Smith on the same server, this feature could also be used on players that prefer to hide their legacy name making it easier to recognize them.

Won't this be too confusing?

-Why would it? it worked successfully in POTBS, this could be another step in the right direction for the legacy system, take family tree's for example we can add our own siblings and rivals but what if we could add another player as a sibling with the same legacy name? Or what if a female character could have her legacy name changed if she married a male character/player? There are so many ways this could work out for bioware and the average player!
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