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06.23.2012 , 12:23 PM | #7
I am in the same place as the OP I have 3 characters (at 50 and I want to keep) on Master Lars which has been given a free transfer and I have 3 characters on Giarada the Hutt which has not been selected for transfers and has low middle population so there is no reason I couldn't transfer my other toons to it. This would let me bring my other toons over to the server I had to move to just to be able to play.

The mechanics for transfer are in place and they work it is beyond me why a paid transfer can't be enacted. Other than being able to collect money in micro transactions not in place yet I see no reason why transfers can't go into place.

For those of us who have been patient, and continued to play through the rough patches since early entrance I find BWs unwillingness to talk about transfers beyond this first "free" but very controlled process poorly thought out on their part. BW can't expect us to remain patient much longer with their lack of communication, and closing threads that talk about open transfers doesn't help.

Bioware please start talking to us, explain WHY open transfer isn't an option and stop apologizing and giving NO answers.