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06.23.2012 , 09:33 AM | #230
Some of the stories are really only rewarding if you play a certain alignment though, which is why I categorize them as worse than others.

Inquisitor story is really kind of bland and the ending isn't all that great if you play a pure Light Side. There is no difference in the endings whether you are Light or Dark. You start humble you end... not so humble.

By the same judgment, Consular story is also very bland, having no real difference in ending whether Light or Dark, but it seems very much so that the story in general was written with a Light Side playthrough intended. It's a diplomatic story, and if you choose to play as Dark, your diplomatic answer to everything is violence.

This is what makes stories like the Agent and Warrior so much better. You can actually sense a difference in the Light and Dark playthroughs, both actually having impact on the story all together, right from the get go, like Warriors secretly saving their old Masters and doing everything they can to protect people instead of viciously murder them, and even having an impact on what alignment one of their companions. Agents take it a step further by branching storyline with multiple endings based on alignment choices.