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59. In which Jaesa and Vette talk it over with Nalenne

A padawan watching the fray
May see many a dubious play.
While Masters dispute
Via combat or moot,
The minions must just watch and pray.

“So the awkwardness factor today was pretty remarkable.” Nalenne set aside her fork and looked up at the girls.

Vette tossed her lekku. “Ignore it. Meeting somebody in this galaxy who can show you a good time is not a cause for awkward anything.”

Jaesa moped into her soup.

“And Pierce and Broonmark are just mad they didn’t get in on the Jedi-hunting,” added Vette. “No worries, they got the job today and they’ll get another one tomorrow.”

“At least Quinn seems pretty professional.”

“By which you mean he’s shut down and withdrawn into the shell he hides in when he can’t stand being hurt by you any more, master?” said Jaesa.

“No, I meant he’s being pretty professional. He doesn’t get to feel hurt, it’s not like he could be fulfilling these functions.” Nalenne attempted to hide a giggle by sipping her wine. “Look, I know you wanted a less seethingly evil, Dark Side-marinated monster for me, but Servant Nine isn’t anything serious, okay? It was just a thing.”

“For what it’s worth,” said Vette, “I haven’t seen that gleam in your eye since you and Lord Draahg bumped off Darth Vengean. If this guy is half that good…well, we probably better post a full-time guard, because the inevitable treachery is going to be epic.”

“I’m hoping I can avoid that if we don’t make this a relationship. He’s just fun.” Nalenne considered. “Inevitable…stars. Now that I think of it, you don’t think Quinn jumped on the backstabbing bandwagon just to impress me, do you? It isn’t…that’s not his place. He’s not Sith, I never wanted him to be. He should never have felt like he had to change that for me.”

“No,” said Vette, “I’m pretty sure he stabbed you in the back because he’s a grasping, clueless, and morally bankrupt snake, even by Imperial standards. Fitting his idea of what you expect in a guy didn’t enter into it and would require more sensitivity than he possesses anyway.”

“Okay. Good.”

“So let’s stop talking about him. At this point I would ask you to elaborate on how the date with Servant Nine went, but I’m pretty sure it was all blood and evil.”

“That’s just about correct.”

“You going to crush any Core Worlds next time around?”

“Don’t know yet. There’s no guarantee there’ll be a next time around.”

Jaesa perked up. Vette rested her elbows on the table and looked skeptical.

“I’m not going to call him first, Vette. The last thing I want out of this is a reputation for being needy.”

“Okay. Sith mind games? Stupid.” Vette started fumbling in her pocket. “I should call him up right now, get something scheduled for – “

Nalenne Force-knocked Vette’s holocommunicator from her hands. “You will do nothing of the sort!”

Vette stuck out her tongue. “You’re chicken.”

Nalenne drew her saber. “You’re toast.”

Jaesa slammed her hands on the table. “Would you two stop!? I can take the horrific insensitivity, or I can take the needless violence, but I won’t take both in the same meal.”

“I’m not being insensitive to anyone who matters,” said Vette.

“I’m not being violent to anyone who doesn’t deserve it,” said Nalenne.

Vette looked sidelong at her. “I give your Servant three days, okay? After that, if you don’t call him, I will.”
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