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This is the line that boggled me, regarding how they design armor sets:

Have you seen the higher level consular sets? They make male characters look exactly like a clown, or a drag queen. Sorcerer gear isn't much better, but at least the lower level stuff actually looks like something a Sith might wear. If your goal is to not make characters look like clowns, you have utterly and completely failed.

The process he describes for designing the armor appears from the ground up was very interesting to read, and I'm really glad they discussed how that works, I've been curious for a long time now.

That being said, the process he described of carefully and meticulously pouring through designs which have to be approved, and go through a prolonged process to create and preview and model can't possibly be the process that led to the higher-tier armor appearances......I just can't believe a room full of people, designers, producers, etc saw the concept art and models for a majority of the tiered gear and let the "lengthy" process continue to create them.

Really.....I can't believe it happened the way he said it did, especially since he says they don't want us looking "like clowns" since that's exactly what a lot of that stuff looks like.....literally.....