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06.23.2012 , 05:46 AM | #23
To be honest, I think you're all worrying -far- too much about this Shadow/Assassin tank business anyway. We have a regular Assassin tank in our Denova Hard Mode runs and he has zero problems, in fact he's got niches on the vast majority of fights where he can do things better than any other tank can because of things like CD's, etc. We have absolutely -no- problems taking him through a Denova HM clear, and i'm 99% positive that after the patch, we'll -still- have absolutely no problems taking him through a Denova HM clear. It doesn't get harder than that in PvE, so I honestly completely fail to see the issue you guys are having. As long as a tank is still viable to run through the hardest content in the game, how can it be a serious issue from a PvE standpoint?
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