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Really? I found Ashara to be completely useless and have no reason to join up with your crew in the first place. Her story mirrors Jaesa's almost entirely that she is a rogue Jedi. Her dialogue is boring and pretty predictable. I was really hoping I would get two sith apprentices in my SI story. Xalek and some other interesting sith Character (A Sorc healer instead of Talos maybe as there are none at the moment) I really dislike her character as I do most of the SI characters. The only ones that fit with the story were Xalek and Khem really. The rest were kind of forced.
The SI needed a LS companion. Kem is DS, so is Andronikos and Xalek. Talos is neutral.

Thana died with all my gameplay. LS and DS. I don't support her as a companion.