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06.22.2012 , 11:49 PM | #11
Comparing her to ashara(as my main for now is a sorc) thana is inferior, ashara has conflicts and is morally and emotionally confused, she's on the brink of insanity, she has a much more compelling personality. Thana on the other hand is just horrible she's a disgraceful sith who gets caught or beaten up by almost everybody, how she passed her trials on korriban is anybodys guess, she's one dimensional and her death is really satisfactory. How she'd be implemented as a companion would be silly seeing as she hates you with a passion no-matter what you do/who you are and doesn't respond in anyway to your flirts so she couldn't be a Rom for those who would like that and anyway who wants a moany, weird looking terrible sith who cant even stop herself from getting imprisoned by a cat in the first place