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I look forward to reading it!
Managed to finish it, it's not the best but at least I finished

Alldar(brother) -- Levan(brother)--Lek'nid(spouse)---Gunnerwraith(Son)--Mahlus(Rival)

Alldar – One of two brothers gifted in the force. Alldar was the loud selfish type who would always look for trouble but one day as Alldar was outside gathering supplies with his brother Levan when suddenly republic forces attacked there home where imperials had set up base. As Alldar ran his brother Levan was caught in an explosion forcing Alldar to flee from his home, after the battle Alldar would be taken to train as a Jedi under the eyes of many masters’. Alldar would excel in the force and his combat mastery with light sabers showed great potential but he would neglect many rules the Jedi had. Feeling somewhat ignored by the Jedi Alldar would take on the assignment of leading an attack against imperial forces where he would encounter his brother who was reconstructed and trained as a sith. After nearly killing his brother Alldar felt torn inside by the decisions of killing his own brother and the Jedi code and it was on board a republic starship did Alldar receive the privilege of leading another attack? Consumed by his own lust Alldar would lead an attack where he would kill his own brother and destroy an imperial base camp. After the battle Alldar vanished into hiding driven by guilt and sadness where he would be found by his fellow Jedi several years later, returning as a Jedi Alldar suffered from an illness that would eventually cause him to pass away and become one with the force. “As a Jedi I have the force and that’s all I’ll ever need but fate has a way with us you never know what happens next”

Levan – One of two brothers gifted in the force that was kind and quite. Levan was wounded in an explosion when republic forces attacked his home clearing it of imperials causing levan and his brother alldar to separate, levan would be rescued by a Sith lord in the middle of the attack where he would undergo repairs to help keep him alive aboard an imperial starship. A few months later after being saved Levan would go onto to join the Sith academy where he would learn to use the force, Roughly after leaving Korriban Levan would go onto lead many battles on the empires frontlines crushing all who opposed him. In one such battle Levan encountered Alldar who was now a trained jedi, the two had a fierce battle that would determine the victor though in fear of his life Levan managed to escape from the battle leaving his brother yet again, A month later Levan adopted a young boy named Lieyght who had a connection to the force and taking him on as an apprentice. Teaching young Lieyght the ways of the force Levan ensured his son would not follow his path but when Levan and Lieyght were caught in a republic attack Levan was struck down by his brother Alldar causing Lieyght to flee for his own life. Levan was a great sith who followed the force differently often walking down the light he would eventually prove to be a DARTH “We only live because of the force, we live to serve it as it serves to guide us”

Lieyght – A young boy who was adopted as a child and sensitive to the force it was difficult growing up having a dark lord for a father but it never stopped Lieyght from wanting to be sith, after his fathers death at the hands of his uncle Lieyght would devote himself to the Sith order in order to exact revenge. Consumed by hatred he had no room for failure and would take his anger out on those near him especially imperial soldiers who failed their missions. After climbing to the status of a sith lord Lieyght began searching for lost artifacts that would help him grow stronger did he find solidarity in the dark temples on Korriban some even say that he had somehow become the force itself, he took it upon himself to lead a battle with his new found abilities .It was during the battle Lieyght spared the life of a female smuggler who he would later marry and have a child named Gunnerwraith. Leaving the Sith Order and becoming a father Lieyght would later pass away after becoming very ill with only little having taught his son. “You think you can win against the force then you must be joking, I am far stronger than any sith or Jedi in the galaxy”

Lek’nid – A young Twi’lek who grew on a republic planet fending for herself throughout the war she has always been quick to make money to earn a living, Gutsy and reckless she was often hired to deliver supplies to republic troops. Aside from being one of the many smugglers she never cared about the war, her agenda was how to make credits fast. However she has had a small liking to the empire despite being caught in combat with them and after earning a reputation as a famed smuggler Lek’nid would take on even more dangerous jobs. One day while leaving a republic outpost she was caught in the middle of an imperial attack, her life was spared by the sith lord Lieyght whom allowed her to leave the planet. Few months later she would marry Lieyght and have a child named Gunnerwraith. Spending less time to her job smuggling shipments around and more of a mother Lek’nid eventually settled down. Sadly after a few years of being married to Lieyght, Lek’nid was killed when her ship was attacked by pirates near Corellia

Gunnerwraith – Son of the great Sith Lord Lieyght and son of the famed smuggler Lek’nid, Gunner has a connection to the force but never received any training to learn how to use it instead Gunner became a Bounty Hunter to live a life of excitement and action. It was during the tension between the Empire and the Republic which steadily rose did Gunner become more involved on working for the empire despite risking his life. The idea of being imperial never came to mind but as all employers their on both ends and as the war progressed gunner would take advantage of the war allowing even the republic to hire him. Throughout the galaxy Gunnerwraith became a feared bounty hunter that was not only respected but feared on both sides. Some jobs that were taken would involve the deaths of many of the republics high valued personal ranging from Jedi to Generals and imperial commanders as well as some number of sith, always itching for a fight there was no stopping him from taking on any job that came his way. Gunner has had many friends but one of them would end up being his greatest rival and that was Mahlus. On one occasion Mahlus had hired Gunner to destroy a Republic convoy and its forces in an attempt to kill him, even these challenges couldn’t stop him as Gunner would ultimately prevail in destroying the unmentioned targets with it. After a few years Gunner met an ex republic soldier named Killac whom he would eventually marry later on and settle down with, Though taking on less jobs Gunnerwraith would eventually vanish from the galaxies radar. Rumor has it that Gunnerwraith had also married a Jedi, though this could not be proven “People make their own laws, me? I make my living by killing so watch yourself”

Mahlus – Mahlus grew up as young boy around imperial forces his entire life, Intrigued and fascinated with the life of several soldiers and how they took on their duties Mahlus would join imperial intelligence. It was here in imperial intelligence that Mahlus raised in ranks and being recognized as one of the empire’s best. Mahlus was a true imperial at heart despite his attitude towards other alien species and anyone who opposed the empire Mahlus would keep it as business only for the empire, along the way in his career Mahlus would become friends with Gunnerwraith a bounty hunter with much lethality it made Mahlus look like a recruit. Filled with envy Mahlus has attempted several times to have Gunnerwraith killed and on some notes attempt to kill him, Every time he failed though he would move on to imperial matters where he was much needed. After becoming one of the empires most dangerous sniper’s Mahlus would participate in frontline missions where he would eliminate high priority republic targets, always taking his targets down Mahlus was nicknamed the Empire’s ghost due to his incredible ability to enter and escape undetected. Mahlus has received some of the highest medals in the Imperial military combined Mahlus has received over two dozen medals. “So long as someone opposes the empire I’ll be sure to shut them up, there’s no mistake that the empire is the greatest and strongest force in the galaxy. It’s only a matter of time before the republic realizes they have no chance of winning”

Killac – A young girl who always dreamed of being a soldier, Killac was quick and smart on the battlefield. Despite being an only child she was raised in a family of nobles. Despite having a rich and wealthy background Killac would join the republic army for the thrill of fighting. As she rose in ranks Killac was respected more by her fellow soldiers, however many of her comrades felt that the army was no place for a women. After the battle of Taris, Killac received a number of medals for her valor and dedication to the fight despite having to retreat. Killac was promoted to the rank of captain after holding out an imperial attack on Corellia despite being outnumbered 5 to 1. In many of her tours Killac had engaged in a relationship with one of her comrades, a female Jedi named Lavanda who was also a close friend. The two had become very close with each other that many of her comrades began to become suspicious of the two, none the less it ended when Lavanda was deployed on another planet. A few months later Killac would partake on several missions to regain republic ground on multiple systems. After seven famed battles Killac had become tired of constant fighting and left the republic army in search of something in the galaxy though she would later encounter the bounty hunter Gunnerwraith whom she married. After retiring from the republic army Killac would settle down and live a life in which she would be excluded from the war. “It’s simple really, you aim and shoot”

Lavanda – A young female Jedi who was raised by the Jedi council after being found abandoned in a village, Lavanda was connected to the force and was sent to train at one of the Jedi temples to master her powers. A quick learner Lavanda would eventually join the Jedi in the fight against the empire, showing much potential Lavanda would take on new challenges and participate in other battles. After losing a battle on Taris Lavanda would eventually be sent to aid republic troops who were in a deadlock with imperial forces, after transferring to a republic outpost on Corellia Lavanda would lead an important squad who was being led by Killac, Killac was a young female captain who Lavanda had taken a liking to. Despite breaking the Jedi code Lavanda had engaged in a relationship with Killac, the two eventually grew very close which brought a small amount of attention to the other troops. After nearly losing her own life to protect Killac, Lavanda would later admit that she had feelings for the captain and didn’t want to lose her, with that said after a few weeks her squad had secured nearly fifteen imperial outposts. After a few days Lavanda was transferred to another republic outpost on Ilum where she led a company to conquer five different outposts. Lavanda had reached the rank of Jedi master upon returning to the Jedi temple; however much like all her achievements she would also receive training to help her understand the Jedi code further. A few years later Lavanda left the the Jedi order live a war free life where she would later encounter Killac a few days after her wedding. It is said that Lavanda also married Gunnerwraith a few months later. “If you don’t clear your mind then you’ll never see peace”
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