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58. In which Nalenne calls someone

Numerically, Sorcs can’t be topped.
By the dozens their foes will be dropped.
Though thousands of ‘Pubs
Cry “OP” and unsub,
The sorcerer cannot be stopped.

Stupid Light aspect. What a gross disgusting stream of incriminating and obviously false information.

It’s not like that. It’s nothing like that, and I will not allow him to get that idea. I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago.

For the first time, Nalenne took her wedding ring off.

She stuck it in a box, shoved the box way behind the footlocker under her bed, then headed back out to activate the ship’s holo. “Get me Servant Nine.” (*)

It took close to a minute for Servant Nine to respond. He looked as gorgeous as ever: well-cut Servant’s robe, noble Pureblood face, a shoulder-length spill of unreasonably good-looking black hair. “What do you want?” he asked cautiously.

“Don’t make this into a thing, but are you doing anything tonight?”


Servant Nine was a hell of a fighter. Lightning, smugness, and glory seared the battlefield while Nalenne danced between Force bolts in her unstoppable saber play.

“It’s so rare I get to carve up a Jedi temple this big,” she told him. “I love my boys, but they’re awfully…mundane, you know?”

“Force-blinds are a waste of your time, and the things that challenge them are a waste of your talents.” That cultured voice had a melody all its own. Servant Nine casually reached over and toasted three approaching Jedi without looking their way. “You are beautiful when you’re winning, you know that?”

“Thank you. Anything left to kill around here?”

“Let’s look. This way.”

They stalked through the stone halls of the Jedi temple, checking room by room, watching and listening for any sign of surviving Jedi.

“So how did you get away from the desk?” Nalenne asked as she skewered an oncoming padawan.

“Willpower. And a great deal of complaining. Eventually Servant Three volunteered to cover my domestic duties just to shut me up.” Servant Nine flicked a small subtle gesture that brought the ceiling down on several surprised-looking Jedi in a side room.

“Well played.”

“I get restless. I envy you your job.”

“It really is an enjoyable gig.” She turned and Force pushed a lurking knight into his consular friend’s high-speed rock storm. “Ever consider trying out for Wrath Two or something?”

His smile and his golden piercings gleamed in the darkness. “The Wrath swings lightsabers. Always has, always will. People with my talents are not considered proper for the job.”

“Bah. I could use a whole lot more of people with your talents, from what I’ve been seeing.”

“Stick around, then. I’ve barely even started.”

Not many people left in the complex, but the holdouts included three certified Jedi Masters among their number. There had to be some kind of bonus points for that. The challenge of it was intoxicating. Nalenne couldn’t help but notice that somehow, in spite of the torrents of raw power flying around, Servant Nine’s hair kept its clean flattering wave.

Servant Nine laughed out loud when the third Master hit the wall mid-admonishment and crumpled between his fellows. “This never gets old.” He beckoned her on into the next room. “Perhaps we might do this again sometime?”

Her stomach turned, but it was in a pleasant way. “Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s worth calling, at least.”

They reached a big stone chamber at what must have been the center of the temple. They had already completed a circuit around the outer halls. “I think we’re out of Jedi,” Nalenne said regretfully.

“They really ought to up their recruitment numbers,” said Servant Nine.


“Of course, this was only the test run. I wasn’t sure what you liked. I can find us something much more exciting for next time,” said Servant Nine.

“Mm. Y’know, I get annoyed at being ordered around, but it does bring me some incredibly fun assignments.”

“Admit it,” said Servant Nine. “As manipulative tools of the establishment go, I’m a good one to have on your case.”

“Much better than some I could name.”

“Anything else you want to take care of before we call it a night?” He pushed her lightsaber-bearing arm aside as he drifted closer.

Her heart fluttered. “Oh yes. Just…not on my ship.”

He backed her in the direction of the nearest wall. “I had no intention of walking that far.”


She didn’t try to face her crew when she got back to the ship. Which meant that she was still in a floaty good mood when she reached her quarters and laid her aching body down to rest.

The sex: mediocre? Undeniably. In classic Sith form Servant Nine had expostulated at length on his requirements and boasted about all the reasons he deserved them while completely disregarding the needs of his ally and at times seeming to forget that his ally was there at all. The rough and ridiculously cold stone floor and wall hadn’t improved the experience.

But, hey, it was sex. And a selfish egomaniac for a partner didn’t have to be a dealbreaker. To put it bluntly, she wouldn’t be Sith if she couldn’t fend for herself.
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