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I do not remember the details but I believe that there is a ship droid you can purchase stuff from. ONe of the things you can purchase from that droid allows your droid companion to get a crit and any skill you may not have. I believe it was in the notes for 1.2. I will try to find and update...

UPdate: Bingo... Quote from 1.2 patch notes:

•The C2 Droid Corporation and their competitors, the 2V Droid Corporation, have developed a series of new sensors for their products, the C2-N2 and 2V-R8, that significantly improve the Droids' Crew Skill efficiency and critical success chances. These products may be purchased via the Legacy Repair Astromech unit on the player's ship (once unlocked).
I specifically bought that on ship repair droid for 1 million credits so that i could give my 2v-r8 +2 artifice crit only to find out they only have +efficiency 0_0 . Hopefully when 1.3 is released they will add it to the repair droid but with my luck that probably wont happen. Bioware Please Please add +artifice crit option to my astromech repair droid!
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