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Like many other devoted players who have been here since beta, I created characters on a server that back arouund March began to be a low-population server. My main characters are still on that server, because I have no interest in playing on the transfer server to which I was assigned. At that time, around the end of March or April, I rerolled to several servres and found one that I enjoyed playing on with the expectation that I would be able to bring the whole family together there. I created a successful guild for rerolled players on Jedi Covenant and very much want to bring my mains over from my old server.

When can I and the many other players in this situation expect to be able to transfer to our desired servers, even if we have to pay for that service? Losing the names I began the game with (which is why I and many other players took the early start option) is one thing. But to lose the characters I so carefully built, with all their skills, legacy, and resources, seems very unfair. Please remedy this situation. Thanks for listening, Bioware.

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