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06.22.2012 , 11:22 AM | #554
Im totally agree with all these... I started to play in Ahto city PVP server, for to play with some "friends" and all I got was an awful experience full of random insults, stupid names everywhere and proplayers wannabe, so I moved to LC.... so, If i can avoid, I wont go to freedom nadd, because of the mainly high spanish community there, which are stupids mainly. of course, there will be childish from other countries, but well... the only I know are those... so, never again, not again like it was on WoW and on Ahto city, or Laurelin in Lords of the rings online, etc etc....
Im "trapped" as well in Lord Calypho between the decision of being alone or suffer stupidity in my daily playtime... so, for the time, I will wait in LC for some answer, and I hope more Rpers do the same...
Fortunately for me, I dont have much more than a lvl 50 player in LC, although that would be a real pain to lost him because Bioware´s fault, I will go before to Progenitor or whatever RP server, before than being again in a PVP server with all that childish community (and im sorry for those friends that were PVPers or non RPers on LC, because they dont deserve such community there, but it will be what they will find).