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Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I know that online games are typically filled with people acting in ways that they would never dream act away from the keyboard, but this just really left a bad taste in my mouth.

So I'm new. I go to run Esseles tonight, and the guys all want to "spacebar" through the convos. I politely let them know that I'm new to the game and would like to see the story. Well, they moan a little bit about it, but agree to let me listen to the conversations.

Out of courtesy, I "halfway space" through them while trying to keep up with exactly what was going on in the story. I felt this was a good compromise. To be fair, the game does have alot of superfluous talking.

Apparently this wasn't enough. They start informing me of how if I want to listen to the conversations how I will never get groups and will be frequently kicked out of parties because of it. I try to shrug it off and tell them politely that I will just have to play with people who don't mind my being new, but they continue to insist that I am wrong, and their way is right. Ok, fine, I shrug this off too. I'm trying to not let the negativity get to me at this point.

Well, we get to the part where the Lieutenant wants you to leave the Ambassador behind on the ship. They all say they want to leave her behind. At this point, I've gone quiet. I'm honestly not interested in talking with them anymore, but to be clear, I'm not being rude, just silent. So, the important thing to note here is that I never agreed to leave the Ambassador behind.

We get to the conversation roll, I am outnumbered 3-1 in the odds, well, I win the roll and good old' Asara gets saved. The group was furious with me. Apparently, one of them had run this "500 times" and I had now wasted his time because he didn't get some title from leaving her behind.

I apologized and explained that 1. this is my first play-through 2. I bought this game for the story and role playing and 3. It's really nothing personal and I never agreed to leave the Ambassador behind. I suggested that he try running the instance with friends who were all on the same page, but that was ignored.

I started the group initially, but passed lead mid-way through to pick up his friend to complete our group with 4 people. Well, needless to say, they took that opportunity to kick me out of the party. I didn't get any of those light side points, nor the XP for completing the instance.

I was called a dick and told I "wouldn't go very far in this game", apparently because I play the game as it is intended to be played.

What a great first impression. Tell me this: should I go play on a role playing server? Can I, you know, engage in the story, the thing that this game was marketed and sold for, on those servers without fear of being lambasted as a "dick"?

A few more experiences like this and I'm out. Sorry. I bought this game to get away from the "Huh, what is going on", detached gameplay of World of Warcraft. I shouldn't be penalized and ostracized for being a new player who plays well, I'm a 6 year veteran of WoW with some serious raiding experience under my belt, but who just wants to listen to the damn story her first time through and pick the conversation options she'd like to pick.