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06.22.2012 , 01:18 AM | #401
I don't see very many Combat Medics around anymore. I was surprised not to see many comments about the state of the spec in this thread. I guess I'm one of the last of a declining group.

We have no answers. We have very weak burst healing, have slighly weak regen, lack a strong and smart AoE, have no HoTs, have no instants on a short/no CC, no anti-CC, only one decent defensive CD, no kiting ability in general to speak of. The class does one single thing well (single target throughput) and that is it. The class was gutted in 1.2 and it's just terrible. I've explained why in an objective manner and there is good reason for the great disappointment post 1.2 on the commando forums and (as far as I can tell) a much lower representation of the spec in wzs these days.

The balance in this game is a joke.