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All males, you mean.

I don't see them adding in a SGRA path for every female in the game so they will never all be romanceable by females.
Why wouldn't they? After how upset people were when SGRs weren't going to be in the game at launch, I think BioWare knows how upset their fans will get if they don't give SGRs the same treatment as OGRs. Five out of the eight classes have only one female companion, so hopefully BioWare won't screw any female PCs out of SGRs by not making all female companions available for SGRs. For the Smuggler, SW, and IA, it's possible that one female companion but not both will be an SGR option, but obviously, we don't know.

I have enough faith in BioWare to think we'll see each class having at least one female and one male SGR option. I'll be very, very disappointed in them if there are any classes that lack these options, because that's just not fair.

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I keep hearing this, but I've yet to see an actual source. Do you have one?
Been meaning to post to correct this misconception. As far as I know, BioWare has never stated which companions will or won't be available for SGRs. What they said at the guild summit (see my post on the first page of this thread for a video link) was that new companion romances would be coming with the story update later this year, and that they would talk more about SGRs when they were done. However, BW also said they knew which companions they wanted to do SGRs for. This implies it'll be with existing companions, as it sounds like they're talking about currently-existing characters. It's not a confirmation, though.