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Spent about 4 hours last night on flashpoints, and another 5 today on Heroics.

Specifically, Hammer, Athiss, and Balmorra's Okara Droid Factory heroics.

Specifically, more wipes than there should be, levels over the quest level overall in group, and hours upon hours of seemingly working the rock pile in prison, just pounding OP mobs that stand there like rocks and take hit after hit after hit after hit... like hitting rocks all day.

This is nothing new from the roller coaster of mob difficulty adjustments in testing, and was supposed to have been remedied. We're now in the Live production, and we're still dealing with content that requires pounding on hallway trash that stands there for 15 minutes taking a beating, and we're supposed to be heros. 4 players vs a hallway mob or two or three.

This is not heroic gameplay, its mind-numbing grind.

Boooooo, Bioware. Boooooo. I'll never get those two days back, trying to shake off overt feelings of bad gaming...
*sigh* It's posts like this that lead to absurdly easy instances. They are supposed to be hard. You need to use good tactics rather than just raw strength. Make sure you have every role in your group (tank, 2 dps, and a healer works well). And be sure the people in your group have reasonably good gear. Make sure your group is at a high enough level. If they are well above the level of many group members, you aren't ready. Don' skip side missions and do bonus objectives. This will ensure that you are strong enough because you will be at the appropriate level for that instance.
If it is made easier it WILL just be a mind numbing grind because you'll be knocking over bosses and mobs without needing any kind of strategy. If you need an example of this, go play some dungeons in WoW.
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