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Everybody knows that each class has a buff they can give to any other player or party members that gives that player an hour long increase in something. They are called, lucky shot, hunter's boon, mark of power, etc. When encountering another player, I consider giving the buff the polite thing to do and about half the time, the favor is returned.

However, there are two behaviors that will now get a buff withheld from me (as if anyone really cares).

1) Players who think they are kangaroos. There is a time and place for jumping. However, moving from one GTN kiosk to another in your giant petty ***** compensating scooter is not it. The only reason to bounce down the fleet hallways is to draw attention to yourself. I will not buff you in hopes that you get ganked.

2) Female companions treated as sex objects. So I asked a commando how Elara Dorne did in combat wearing the sex slave suit. His response: "That b**th is useless, I take Aric. I only bring her out on the fleet to show off." Is that something you want your mother to hear you say? Look, I'm a guy and I understand that our fantasy lives can get misogynistic but being a man and a gentleman requires us to put away those primal desires. Grow up.

Now that I have got that off my chest I feel better. Thanks for reading.
I support this.
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