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Do you never flashpoint? I am level 13 and just starting Coruscant.
It's kind of annoying trying to find people for flashpoints so I have been avoiding them so far. I don't remember what level I got to Dromund Kaas...level 11 maybe? Now I just hit 16 and am at Balmorra. It's just very concerning because Sith warr quests can be kind of tough (they are usually 4 levels ahead of you when you get them). So I like to get as close to the level required for them when I go. But I've been finding that kind of difficult to do. Like I said, the last one I did I was still 1 level below despite doing all the single player quests in Dromund Kaas. Hoping that changes on Balmorra and that there are more quests so I can level because I imagine these Sith Warr quests will only get tougher with time.