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Heya... I have quite a big problem on on my hands - and I do not know how to really solve this in any good matter.

Here's the situation:

I'm currently level 40 on the planet Belsavis.. Belsavis is a 41-44 Planet and I am currently fightning level 43 elites and strongs, which is getting kind of hard.

Now my main concern is that I will get even more heavily underleveled after this planet, and I am starting to really freak out... Please help me, give me some advice or tips how to solve this issue...

And btw, ain't there any bonus quests on Hoth? I didn't get any atleast.

I don't see how this is possible.. I "skipped" balmorra and only did class quests on it.. I'm currently lvl 36 and just started taris @ 35.

I would recommend doing all your space dailies and pvp dailies they are worth their weight in gold. So skipping a whole planet and doing all the other ones bonus series and everything.. "I didn't do one in Alderaan, but I imagine there will be one later" and I skipped all heroics and I'm still lvl 36. I got in day 2 of early access. and I only did the BT flashpoint.
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