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Too true! The only biologically female companion that the player can't bang is the companion that the player can choose to avoid recruiting.

I doubt we'll ever see an exclusively gay female companion. Lady companions are, by all evidence to date, designed to be accessible to all.
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and what do you think about the male version, oh wise one?
Male version of what? A non-romanceable companion? Because we already have something like twenty-six of those. Ooh, or a male all-access companion? I wouldn't say no.

Some entirely new companion blood for this endeavor would be nice...but it's going to be hard, balancing new companions plus romance for existing companions for all eight classes, isn't it. That'd be a huge burden. Boo.

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btw, I was under the impression that they got rid of the choice to .not. recruit someone... back in beta *scratches head*
I should've been more clear, I was referring to LS Jaesa. She is the only biological woman the player isn't entitled to sleep with, but if the player builds the Warrior right s/he can avoid that terrible fate and snag DS Jaesa instead. DS and LS Jaesas are the only avoidable companions in the game, but you do have to pick up one of 'em.
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