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Remember the vids showing us Esseless and Black Talon and extolling the virtues of the Bioware Flashpoint system? I sure do, and couldn't wait to dive right in. So far Ive done Esseless (and BT on dark side), Hammer, Athiss, Mandalorian, and Cademimu and you know what? I wont be wasting my time on any more of them.

Esseless and BT were awesome, my guildies and I couldnt get enough -we did them and redid them until we exhausted them. And then we tried the others I listed. When the first one had zero story and conversations except the quest pickup outside the door, we figured it was a fluke. After 2 we started to get worried. After 3 we thought, this can't be the high and mighty flashpoint system. After the 4th we realized it was just a bait and switch tactic on the part of the devs and marketing. There's always at least 1 non-voiced computer you reach where you can pick from 2 actions, one good one bad. It may as well simply read: What do you want? 1) light side points 2) dark side points -and then you can just get back to the world of star wars craft instance of boring endless combat.

You wont fool me again, Bioware. Your flashpoints are boring. If I didnt want conversation and story, Id just go play wow. Where's what you promised and advertised?
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