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This week I've been working a ton, which meant I got a lot of ideas for prompts (they always seem to come to me when I'm working...) so I'm going to post two. Do one or both, it's up to you.

Week of 6/15/12

Confessions - Everybody has things they don't like to admit. Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's just something small. Sometimes it's nice to finally let it out. What does your character need to admit - and to who?

Archive is up!
(Featuring my Smuggler; Dean Stryder. And though the game mechanics only allow certain races at the moment, for my head-canon purposes he is an Epicanthix.)


Author's Note: I just wanted to try my hand at another of my characters- but I shall be returning to my JK soon enough! Maybe there will be future crossovers and cameos between them?
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