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well, for cybertech, until 1.2 (IIRC when they added a second mod on a crit... it wasn't there at release) the only benefit cybertech got from critting was an extra grenade (I think).

Probably why nobody really cared there was no crit bonus previously. (and why there wasn't one)
They woul still get augment slots on earpieces. 1.2 did add that all items that coudln't get an augment would provide double on a crit.

My point was that out of 2 skills that lacked any crit, cyber got a +5 crit sensor from the upgrade droid, artifice got nothing. Artifice makes hilts/enhancements/sabers/offhands.... all of which could benefit from crit. Cyber got a hand, artifice shafted.

And yes, us cyber/artifice cared back then. I was making offhands for the guild pre 1.2... crit crafted lvl 50 offhands.