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06.20.2012 , 10:05 AM | #112
Why not? They had Traynor in ME3 (I hope this is not counted as being off topic again).

I would be crushed if I don't get to romance either Vette or Jaesa with my fem SW, I've parked her in Dromund Kas just waiting for the SGR options to open. I'd probably go for Jaesa though, if available, Vette is just too good for my SW.
With my smuggler I'm kind of open to suggestions, I'd prefer Akaavi, but Risha or a new companion would be fine as well.

For my JK I'd prefer Kira, but if a new and cool lesbian companion would be added I could accept that.

I think there are points for both making companions pc-sexual and also for making characters that show their sexual orientation openly independently from the PC.
Why not a mixture.

I just hope that when the SGR option comes, that it's a) for all classes and b) that there will be existing characters open for SGR and not just one or two new companions that would be available to all classes like the HK is suppossed to be.