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Yes, she would be far more acceptable as a LI for Jan than Kaliyo. Shame I don't get to have her as my active companion. (I am pretty much locked in to taking Lokin with me, since he heals. I suppose I could respec as medic and try with Rania as my dps, but I don't like being so passive when solo'ing.)
Why not try a hybrid healing/dps spec? Though, even as dps, you probably have enough healing to get by solo.

I'm a sniper so it's me and Lokin together 4 eva!

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I've decided I want to add LS Jaesa* to my list of desired LIs. Myren (my SW) has taken a real shine to her, and takes her everywhere (even though Quinn would probably be the safer choice, as the healer). She's a bit like an Empire version of Kira (not quite sure if that really conveys what I mean).
I'd find it amusing if LS Jaesa is only into women.

They'd never have a female that's exclusive to women though.