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This is a story oriented game that just happens to let a lot of people play together. As Bioware stated before, "a massively SINGLEPLAYER game"

So it kinds of make sense that the game, in its first iteration, will be focus far more on the journey, rerolling, remaking the same characters and taking different paths, doing a different set of quest (if you do all the quests you end up impossibly overleveled. You're not supposed to), trying out light/dark side, etc.
When is this supposed to happen? I'm only level 16 so far and I've hit Balmorra, but I haven't found this to be the case at all so far. I've been finding myself doing all the quests in an area (maybe skipping a few group quests, but basically doing every single solo quest) and I barely am leveled enough to finish my story quest. In fact, I'm usually at least one level under my final story quest for the area. I am at the very minimum level to go to Balmorra even after pretty much clearing the last zone I was in. So I'm kind of concerned if this is going to be a continuing trend or if there will be more quests in future zones I'm visiting. Thanks.