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Repost from other thread. I was asked to move this to a different one so i did. here are my thoughts on server xfers:

So server transfers because some servers were dead was a good idea. I think that it was a step in the right direction.. But they way you have gone about this is illogical. You took almost 9 servers now and crammed them onto the Harbinger, which was already one of the most populated servers. So the server got a little laggy.

When I wrote a ticket about this lag, which is not only affecting me but 88 other people in my guild are getting the lag spikes as well, I was told to check my connection. I wrote a 2nd ticket explaining the GMs that it was not my connection. I used to be on Gauntlet of Kressh Server and I never had a single lag spike, NOT ONE. When i told the GMs that I wasnt the only one suffering from the lag problem i was promptly told that my ISP was to blame. How is that possible? I know I don't have the same ISP as the 88 other guildies with me, so how is my ISP the problem? This isn't graphical lag either, I hand built my computer to run pretty much any game on max settings. (i7 2600K overclocked to 4.9ghz/ NVIDIA GTX 560 TI overclocked to 950mhz/ and 16gbs of DDR3 Gskill RAM). I've been at this MMO thing for 7 years. I know the difference between ISP lag and Server Connection Lag. So what is the problem, the answer is very, very simple: your servers do not have the hardware required for load of this magnitude. Wither you want to admit it or not we all know that's the case.

Now it was OK before today. It was annoying with the random lag spikes, but playable. Fighting for mobs for dailies was already a struggle. Now as of today you have decided to transfer 3 more servers to the Harbinger... What were you thinking? I've been trying to complete my dallies for the past 3 hours. There's so many people fighting for mobs and quest pick ups quests that would have taken me 5min to complete now take upwards of 20min.

Now on The Harbinger there's far too many people. I had a 25 min wait to get on the server today along with about 300 other people in the queue. How can you possibly think that all these transfers to one server (not just one server but the most populated server) is a good idea. there has been over 300-400 people on fleet at peak hours with 2 instances of fleet running. There's so much lag server wide and its not my connection because i know that me and 7 other people in my ops groups are running on different connections and we all have the same 2-3 sec lag spikes that pop up every 30sec to a min. Already this makes it more challenging to complete operations with the lag. How do you guys think transferring even more people to full server that is completely overpopulated and struggling to keep up with the mass amounts of people a good idea? Your servers clearly can't handle the stress load of 600+ people online at a time (AND THIS IS JUST THE REPUBLIC SIDE NOT TO MENTION IMPERIALS) and random server-wide lag spikes prove that. Your trying to cram too many people onto one server and its not working. Now your going to have to do one of 2 things:

its clear that the current hardware on the servers cannot handle all these people. There's so much lag in WZs, Flashpoints, Operations, and the lag on fleet is almost unbearable.

We would be completely fine with less than 1/2 the amount of people on this server right now. And by this i mean wed have a completely active server where everyone would be able to find groups, have WZs all night long and have.

Spread the people out for god sake this is ridiculous. There's no need for 600+ people on a single side (faction) of a server. I pay 15 bucks every month for this game along with thousands of other people. How is fair that we have to wait 25min to get on a game where were paying for the time. I garuntee if this keeps up you wont only loose me as a customer youll loose hundreds. To clarify is NOT a threat its just a simple truth. You cant expect everyone to keep playing an MMO where the lag is horrific and the wait to get onto the game isnt worth it.

Bioware, figure your stuff out please. I love this game and its my favorite MMO I've played so far and I don't want to be forced into quiting.

The only rational I can come up with for why you would do something like this is because you want us to be unhappy so when paid server transfers come out we have to pay to switch. Well let me make something explicitly clear, if this is the case and this is the way you are choosing to run your business I'm done already. Thats immoral, illogical, and just plain wrong.