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True it takes 2 willing players to engage in PvP combat, however the game needs to have more incentives for players to do so and areas, events +more dedicated to it.

Given the StarWars universe, there's so many interesting ways that BioWare could implement player versus player content like cantina brawls, space battles or even just open PvP areas on the planets with control points.
The incentive for people doing open world pvp IS open world pvp, there are areas for it, the den and and every other area in the world not blocked off to one faction or the other. Its the pvp community that either make or break open world pvp on its own community.

If you need a shiney to make you do open world pvp then your doing it for reward and not for openworld pvp. Bioware gave the tools once and players used it 1st as a pve excersices and mainly ignored the other side, then they started trading kills and then one side go to big for the other and ended up being ganked to the point where a bug hit and gravecamping started.
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