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06.18.2012 , 09:18 PM | #106
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Hi folks, as promised, I have a bit of an update. We are still examining this unique situation with the three European RP-PvP servers and we are working on various possible scenarios and what their impact will be. Rest assured that we will communicate to you as soon as we have the most optimal scenario. Thank you for your continued patience with this.
Update? what update? Theres nothing specific in there, no information on any of these various possible scenario's that are so called being worked on. No ETA on how long we are going to be stuck like this, No apology for being left out while everyone gets to play the subscription-based game they paid for and in most cases are continuing to pay for. Nothing about having,at the very least, the last 4 days of sub time refunded to the players affected. In short you told us nothing.

As for patience well....I think you can see from most of the posts that this is something that is in very very short supply.

While i know this is not your fault directly JovethGonzalez, still as part of the BW machine surely you have some influence and can get us at least some information on what is going on, not PR spin & damage control.

A very dissatisfied customer.