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I think they've had enough time to make up their minds at this point. All we've gotten so far are 2 messages from a community moderator asking us for input and telling us they're taking it into consideration. Meanwhile the general chat on fleet is filled with discontent and anger over the lack of information. Even a message saying there will be no transfer would be better then the silence we're experiencing at the moment.

Imagine a new player coming to LC, enjoying the game and leveling up to around lvl 10. He/She arrives at fleet and sees everyone bashing the server and BW. How inspired do you think he'll be to keep playing on the server or for that matter the game at all. Now that they've started free trials this is even more important since those 1 week players will not even bother to buy the game. What you're doing to LC right now is disaterous to the server and all we're asking for is a simple answer to or questions.

Is this happening or are we gonna keep beeing ignored?
If you're seriously considering it, what are you thinking?
If there is a problem giving us 2 options for destination, is it technical or is it considered unfair to other servers?
Is there any kind of timeframe we can be given on a defenite answer?

Those who had a lvl 50 character at the 1.2 update recieved 30 days free gametime because the ranked pvp feature was missing in that update. I think this indesition on BWs part is a far more serious problem for the players and personally I belive the time has come for us to start demanding extra gametime for the time we keep getting ignored. Right now we're paying full price for an incomplete product.
If this happened with most other products people would be lining up demanding refunds, but since this is a computer game and the audience is younger then in avarage the customers are less likely to know what they can demand and actually damanding it. The younger audience get bored and simply quit and choose to spend their money elswhere in the future.

My subscription is running out tomorrow and I have no plans to renew it. Maybe I'll be back in a few month, maybe I won't. I'm bored and simply quitting and choosing to spend my money elswhere in the future.

Good luck to all the players who hang in there and last of all I want to thank BW for 6 months of great gaming with an awesome game and I regret that it came to a end like this.
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