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TGK Gaming is a recently created PC gaming community that is open to everyone. Our aim is to provide PC gamer's with all their resource needs in one location.

Here are the main features we offer to date:

Stress Free Gaming:

- No membership requirements
- No Commitments or Obligations
- Open to EVERYONE
- Moderated with no tolerance for hate speech or excessive bad manners

Voice Chat:

- Easy Download and Connection via website
- Everyone is welcome, whether you're looking to meet new people to game with, or you're looking for a place that offers free voice chat to use among your friends or even your clan/guild
- Multiple Gaming and Sub Gaming Channels
- Future additions to include: Private Channels, New Gaming Channels dependent on game popularity, Raised Server Cap/Additional Servers if required

Community Forum:

- Creative Space Forum to show off your videos, signatures, and more
- Suggestion Forum to offer ideas for community improvement
- Multiple Game Specific Forums to discuss your favorite games and meet others
- Future additions to include: Private Guild/Clan Forums for active groups, gaming sub forums for popular threads such as replays, support, recruiting etc.

Community Guilds and Platoons: Not to be mistaken for clans, these are simply for the convenience of grouping up with other community members.

- In game Community Platoons on Battlefield 3
- In game Community Guild on SWTOR
- Future additions to include: In game Guild Wars 2 Guild, In game Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm Group, In game Diablo III Group if/when Blizzard adds support. In game Community Groups for all other popular games with support.

Community Game Server:

- 24 Player Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Combat Server
- Future additions to include: New servers for any PC game with a strong enough community following

Functional Community Website:

- Change theme of the website with one click: Currently BF3, D3, SC2, and SWTOR
- Read up on all the latest gaming news
- Connect to voice chat with one click
- Instantly browse and purchase PC games and accessories

We plan to continue to introduce new features as we grow, such as reviews, guides, clan support etc. Most of all we want to create a growing PC gaming community where everyone is welcome, and where community feedback is appreciated.

Our numbers are still relatively small as we are still fairly new, but we plan to continue implementing and growing, and to do that we need you.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy gaming in a relaxing atmosphere, we hope to be that place for you.