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The Sentinel/Marauder forums are that way ---------->

Unless you like being super burst capable, but squishy as all get out, then you might be better served choosing a different class. But if you like seeing someone melt from your burst into a puddle of plastisteel and other assorted trace elements, then PT might be for you. Just prepared to be flamed and berated and taunted for being stupidly overpowered... never-mind that is all we have at the moment. There are a lot of good stickies on this forum, you should read through them and decide for yourself.

PT is not a class, it's a freakin' lifestyle.

Just saw you have an Op, a Jug and a Sorc..why would you roll PT? You probably already faceroll in those classes and have much better CD's, etc than we are stuck with currently.
*hands you a "you got trololol'd" hat*

OP is a good buddy, just having some fun :P
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