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06.18.2012 , 03:08 PM | #10
Thanks for the feedback guys. I have seen sages put up HUGE healing number 700k + in a warzone and I am lucky to break 200k heals on my trooper. Our AOE heal Kolto Bomb just isn't cutting it. Give us an absorb shield like sages with a short cool down and we might be able to live longer than 4 seconds. I have seen sages in full recruit gear hold off 3 attackers for a full min and end the match with 400k heals. I run around pillars screaming like a little girl hitting every instant (low numbers) heal I got just to live 20 seconds longer. Against a Powertech I don't even try to burn cooldowns or cleanse anymore. Once I'm slowed and dotted I'm dead, end of story. We just don't have enough tricks in our bag to survive in PVP and our heals just don't heal enough or don't activate fast enough even in full medic gear.

So yeah, I had to switch back to dps (or level another toon and begin the long grind to full war-hero which puts me way behind the power curve for rated WZs).