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06.18.2012 , 01:30 PM | #8
First, I try not to buy raw materials off of the GTN they are usually way over inflated in price. I'm also willing to spend some time jumping between all my crafting characters sending out all my companions to gather the resources I need then ending up on one of my characters that has an extra companion I couldn't send out to go adventuring with. I just rinse and repeat this process whenever I'm in a relatively safe place to switch characters.

Second, I find I make a decent amount of credits catering to the lower level crowd and those starting to level alts. So most of what I sell is between level 8 and level 30 or sometimes level 40. Too many crafters are focused on the end game items, I can see it being hard to make some credits or quick sells in that category.

Third, at least on the server I'm actively on right now (planning on using that character transfer this week), finding any resource worth while on the GTN is a matter of the heavens opening up and aliens coming to take me away...
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