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Unfortunately. that's just how this game works right now. There appears to be a fairly large DPS disparity between classes and healing in general is fairly undervalued. The bottom line is, balance in this game is quite out of whack, which, to be fair, isn't entirely unexpected. It is a fairly new game after all and it will take time to sort out.

The only real problem is both the game developers and a large portion of the community (who, coincidentally, play certain DPS classes :P) refuse to acknowledge this fact... a fact on which many, many people have commented or written blog posts. The flaws in this game are well documented and well explained. Until there's a desire to see the game balanced, you'll probably have to change something on your own...

If you're a DPS who is not one of the higher end DPS classes, there's not much you can do. Hang in there and wait for balance changes, or reroll. The levelling PvP experience in this game was done very well... from 10-49 everybody on the same playing field stat-wise. From about 25-49 most classes have a good enough skill set to be considered fairly even. Try something new and you'll probably have a good time. This will give you something to do while things are evened out.

If you're a healer, you can either reroll DPS until healing is in a better position or you can find a few friends (one pretty much has to be a tank) and queue with them. If you've got people looking out for you, things get a little better as a healer. Your heals still won't really keep up with focused DPS and you'll still find yourself kiting damn near everything (if you can) but with a more coordinated effort you'll find yourself contributing. The guard alone makes the difference between dying in a 4s stun and living with 20% health, allowing you to hopefully run away and heal back up. You'll still feel like you're not being very effective, but it's a lot better than feeling worthless

If neither of those appeal to you, cancel your sub and check back in a few months. Either the devs will wake up and balance the game a bit better, or they'll stick to their guns that this game should be a rapid-fire burst race... but by then hopefully a game that's more appealing to your tastes will be out. To be fair, not every game is going to be the same and if SWTOR isn't what you want, check out something else.

Good luck!