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06.18.2012 , 12:38 PM | #1
Patch 1.2 has made Commandos the crappiest healers in the game and our lack of utility is horrific. We do ok damage but nothing near what other classes are doing because the channeled AOE's we have hit small areas (nothing like smugglers or sorcerers). You give us this big sweet looking autocannon and I feel like I'm shooting with a cap gun. My War-Hero weapon should hit much harder. And because I'm so squishy (no absoption shield like slingers/snipers/sorcerers/sages) so we are reduced to running around corners constantly in order to use our crappy heals to maybe get back to half health before the enemy is all over us again. Oh and lets make it so melee players can be immune to my knockback which already has an insanely long cooldown. Sentinals should not be 4 shotting a heavy armor'd trooper. If you are going to let powertech spam elemental attacks with no cooldown then at least give me no cooldown or a talent to make Field Aid have no cooldown. Your changes to my class make them almost useless in a PVP setting. It makes me sad.