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I have just a few day left on my game time and not planning on renew it due to turning in tickets on this problem. And getting the reply (We will investagate!) then they close the ticket. Poor way to run a game!!
To be fair, it was stated elsewhere in a developer interview, but "closed" doesn't mean the developers are done with/ignoring an issues, "Closed" only means customer support is done with the issue. (Which usually means they've forwarded it on to the actual developers, and it's no longer an issue being dealt with by costumer support. Though it's still true the developers may or may not ignore the issue now that it's on their plate)

Admittedly, perhaps there should be a better "customer facing" term for this status. Perhaps "forwarded to development?"
(Personally, I'd be inclined to argue when you submit an issue as a bug, it should just skip customer support entirely and there really *is* no need for a status)