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Just a Bump for consideration since 1.3 is now coming soon.
You just necroed a thread from 2011. Great job there.

The funny thing is, they have implemented a system to sort threads by crew skills and search for ones that have been tagged as a specific crew skill. This is something more people need to know about because I haven't noticed many people using it, but it is there. Here is the developer post on this topic for more information:
The De'us Legacy
Quegaran - 55 Sage/Twi'lek Quedetruit - 55 GS/Chiss
Pasde - 55 Mercenary/Chiss Quag - 55 Assassin/Twi'lek
Absque - 55 Guardian/Human Maitre - 55 Vanguard/Twi'lek