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But, again, it is that diversity among how companions approach the player about romance that makes it fun to play through all the different stories. I still feel that the simplest and most player-empowering option would be to select an orientation at character creation. "heterosexual", "homosexual", "neutral/bisexual" "none", which would effectively toggle which romances are active for you in the game.
People have brought up that idea in these threads before, and I've never liked it. Part of the appeal of playing characters in this game is that we get to make choices, instead of just blindly following quests like in other MMOs. Those choices may not have game-changing results, but they define our characters. I don't like the idea of making such a limiting choice before I even start playing a character.

For example: when I started my Smuggler, if I'd had to make a choice about his sexuality, I would have made him heterosexual. The dashing rogue who can charm any woman he meets is such an archetype for the character, so I would have gone with that. But here's the thing: after meeting Corso, and having him as a companion for a while, I think he's an interesting dude and that he and my Smuggler get on well, so I think it'd be cool to pursue a relationship with him. (This is, of course, assuming SGRs are in the game.) But no, I can't, because of an option I chose before I even started playing.

I don't like the idea of character-limiting options like that. The game gives us options for a reason, we should be free to choose what we want. Especially when it comes to developing our characters.

Also, and this is something of a side note, as it's been a while since anyone brought it up: in the past, the idea of putting a "toggle" on same-sex relationships appearing in the game has caused pages and pages of arguments. BioWare's official position is that such a thing would be discriminatory. A lot of people who said they wanted a toggle basically wanted to make it so they didn't see any hint of homosexuality in their game. I am not in any way saying that's what you've said. I did not get that impression from your post at all, quite the opposite. But you used the word, so I wanted to make sure you understand that it's not a concept people like in this thread.