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you're probably close to 50 or even 50, so if you're in need of money I'll give you the same advice as I did a friend: go do a few dailies (Ilum, Belsavis or Corellia Black Hole). You'll earn a lot of money for the time invested (you DON'T have to do all the dailies, just pick the ones that are fast and easy to complete) and daily commendations that will allow you to purchase epic quality armoring and hilt in a few days (they only cost 8 commendations each).

Also, did you notice the little puzzle in the dark temple? If you complete it, you'll obtain a full set of moddable gear (green quality) for T7. It's enough for the fight or you can mod it if you want with better quality mods/augments.

And last but not least, for the fight itself, do as the above posters wrote:
- keep your focus on the real emperor
- interrupt
- use your heroic moment and your cooldowns

It's supposed to be difficult, it's an epic fight with the Emperor. With the difficulty comes the sense of toppling a mountain.