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Personally, I don't try to figure out the cost of items I craft down to the credit. What I do is throw an item I've crafted up on the GTN and see what it gives me as its default sell price and use that as my cost value. I then take that value and round it up to the nearest multiple of 25 credits so a 205 credit item is rounded to 225 after the rounding I then multiply that by 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on how well stuff seems to sell on the GTN. Armor seems to go best at a X2 or X3 multiplier while Artifice crafted Modifications seem to go well at X5. Cybertech Earpieces also seem to do pretty good at X5 multiplier. Anyway, my artificer is the richest of all my characters right now and he's not even my main.
That is the problem here. People start counting from the GTN default sell price. Its very bad.
Let just grab cybertech earpieces that you mentioned. Purple 49 lvl default earpiece price 3375. Even with X5 multiplier your price is lower then 20k. But to craft earpiece you need 2 Mandalorian iron, which price is minimum 10k each in GTN. And you need some other resources too. Plus you need to charge for work.

And other example is that Armorings and Mods use the same amount resources, but Mod default GTN price lower then Armoring in 4-5 times.

My suggestion for pricing:
1) Figuring out cost of the materials that you need to craft (just to verify for yourself not to work in minus, because in some items GTN can be crazy)
2) Check the price of the materials on GTN (Why craft when you can sell mats for better price?)
3) And then add some charge for your work (I'm multiply for 2, sometimes lower, sometimes higher)
4) Check the price of your crafted items on GTN and figuriing out can you drop some price or can you add some. Or maybe better sell mats or other crafted items.
- Dont look prices for non-crafted items. They are one-time items