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just my opinion, but its probably Slicing + 2 of the harvesting skills (archeology, bioanalysis or scavenging) You can slice and harvest while out leveling your character and sell any harvested raw materials on the GTN for 2 or more times what the GTN gives you as the default price. Just try to sell in stacks of 20+ raw materials. The slicing part is pretty much pure credits while your out leveling grab any slicing nodes that pop up. If you want to you can run the slicing missions and sell any crafting materials you get for crafting augments on the GTN... not sure how well those are selling right now but after patch 1.3 comes out there will probably be a huge demand. Except for raw materials for Augment crafting, not sure slicing is worth sending companions out on missions and unless its been fixed, I've heard some of those missions can actually cost you more money to run then you get back from the mission.
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