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Well, Augment crafting is done by Synthweavers, Armormechs, and I don't remember the third crafting class that does augments. But the Augment raw materials are obtained through slicing missions. So if your going to do nothing but augments then you can pick up slicing as one of your crew skills with the other crew skill being the one you can harvest without running missions if you want (scavenging or Archeology depending on crafting class). If you want to make any blue or purple recipe's your at the mercy of the GTN for your special or rare crafting materials though.

Personally, I like to be as self sufficient as possible, so I have one of each crafting class and one pure harvester... I haven't done the Bounty Hunter yet on my current server and he will be a second pure harvester once I do create him. Each pure harvester will be the ones with slicing and then feed other harvested raw materials to the crafters that can use or need them. My main is already at 400/400 on Synthweave, Archeology and Underworld Trading and my Artificer isn't far behind even though he is much lower in adventure class level from my main. But I've been working my Trooper/Armormech lately and also using him to harvest raw materials for my other scavenging based crafters. So, if you eventually plan on have one of each core class, you can easily be self sufficient and rely on two pure harvesters for your augment raw materials.
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