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1. Grind blackhole comms and raid in order to get the mods/enhancements, potentially foregoing your own gear for a chance to make the mod/enhance.
Well sorry but all guys from our ops managed to learn 2+ schematics they tried. You don't realize it's a domino effect: once you learn one schematic you can actually craft it, put in your gear, then try to RE other. And once your kinmates do the same you can barter it. And no, your choice of mods is not limited to your class, obviously you never tried to change any columi pieces for your companion. I gained 2 schematics on my 15 lvl cybertech commando, wow how did I do that?? Hell, one of our kinmates even learned 2 Campaign relic schematics over the MONTHS since the update 1.2. The only problem is lack of access to end-game PvE-content, but you can't blame developers that you only play PvP. And thank you for making this sound over-complicated, now less people will try to learn the schematics, we will have less competition and continue enjoying 100% margins.
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