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forcing entire server populations to a different time zone = BW didn't actually THINK about what destination servers they were using.
Completely agree I have launched tickets/emails ect and was told essentially "we are sorry that we f'd up your server and you feel that the positives of the transfer do not out weigh the negatives. If we did not offer transfers to Jung Ma there would have been none for Ajunta Pall. Please be patient and remember this is only Phase 1"

This was only after I told the BS bot to stop treating me like an idiot that I got the above response and read the issue just dont link the general forums to me. How condescending of them to ask those that are left to be patient after they created this situation.

I think they dont care that they made the server unplayable for lvl 50s and they would prefer those of us that remain to be good sheep and follow the herd despite the fact we choose a PST server for a reason. However they are going to have to allow the Euro RP-PvP server different server type transfers so hopefully they pull their head out and do the same for those that remain without a transfer fee.