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I think Vette would be a great match for a nice lady Warrior, even more than LS Jaesa, because the latter has the Master/Aprentice thing and that could weird things out a bit, for me at least.
So Master/Slave is not as weird as Master/Apprentice? At no point does the SW actually free Vette... just takes her shock collar off.

(Unless it happens later on in the SW story, of course... My SW is just in the last stages of Alderaan/Chapter 1.)

I'm not bothered by either situation, by the way. In my headcannon, my SW freed Vette from slavery when she removed the collar. She hasn't met Jaesa yet, still tracking her down.

But, whatever current companion gets to be available for SGRs, I would prefer no "come outs" of any kind, no explanations or anything. It just happens. Period.
I would like to see variety. Not everyone's the same, not everyone reacts to their own sexuality the same way, not every culture treats sexuality the same way even within the Empire/Republic. So variety is good.
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